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Transforming Spaces into Immersive Experiences



For the first time in Asia, 12 ROOMS™ is a concept where you experience lifestyle brands outside of the norm. 12 ROOMS™ begins with a competition where artists will be invited to submit their ideas for art installations based on specific room sizes given. 6 artists will be selected to work closely with sponsoring brands to have these art installations custom made and showcased for two months along with six other digital art experience rooms.

The 12 ROOMS™ experience will be available in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from July 2019.

Mystical Forest™

Mystical Forest™ will transform your Botanical Park or Zoo into a nocturnal wonderland.

In this epic work Malaysian culture, science, cutting-edge technology and breathtaking artistry come together to celebrate the unique and threatened beauty of Malaysia’s landscape.

Huge projectors transform the Park into an ever-moving canvas.

The Mystical Forest™ experience will take place in Malaysia in April 2020.

Light Maze

Surround your visitors with an immersive light maze.

Imagine Van Gogh

Imagine Van Gogh provides a virtual promenade inside the life and work of the iconic artist Vincent Van Gogh.

The creators of this exhibit, Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron, use high-definition video technology to immerse visitors deep inside the artwork, enabling them to experience all the creative emotions of the artist through his use of brush strokes and color.

This exhibit takes a fresh, nontraditional approach to Van Gogh’s work by enlarging the scale of the paintings, providing an amplified interpretation that uses the details as a means to explore the work—from the stars in his night skies to the seeds in his sunflowers.

Each painting is magnified and projected on multiple floor-to-ceiling video touchscreens, and the exhibit is accompanied by classical music—a truly sensory experience that allows visitors to almost feel the brush strokes on their skin.

Viewers engage and interact with the paintings in a way that completely recharges and reinvigorates their appreciation and approach to art and museums by providing them with fresh eyes through which to see all artwork they encounter.

A minimum licensing contract of 2 months is required. This is an international exhibit and will require shipping time and costs.

Create Your Own Experience

The Experience Rooms sees Best Events Productions working closely with Kezerk Innovations to expand the capacities of art and digital technology to connect people and create unique experiences.

Digital technology enables complex detail and freedom for change.

Going beyond canvas and paint, the advent of digital technology allows human expression to become free from these physical constraints, enabling it to exist independently and evolve freely.

Combining art and technology helps to create experiences that go beyond making a sale for brands. This combination fuels the imagination.

Create your Own Experience, Be A Sponsor or a Partner.

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